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Brian’s Story

Hi.  My name is Brian Durbin and welcome to my website.  In an age where an endless bounty of whatever erotica your heart desires is available at the click of a button, I am honored that you have chosen to waste some of your time here.  I’m a 34 year old man who makes a living in an 80’s hair metal tribute band called Hairbangers Ball.  My job is pretty bitchin’ and I’m very fortunate to spend 150 nights a year performing my favorite songs across the US.  But I’m all about music 24/7, 365 days a year, so I try to spend the other 215 days a year writing and recording my own original music… and that’s what this page is all about.

This page is a hub for all of the music I’ve released over the years in various projects, and I’ll be updating it regularly with new jams for whoever feels like they could use some new jams.  Join me as I hopefully grow as a songwriter & recording artist, or simply come here to chuckle at a grown-ass man refusing to let go of his rock n’ roll dreams.  Either way. . . I’ll be here.

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Latest Releases

I’ve released music under my own name, with Hairbangers Ball and Loveblast – check it out!

Feelin' Myself

Brian Durbin

Play Dangerous

Hairbangers Ball

Don't Let Go

Brian Durbin
All aboard the bang train cover

All Aboard The Bang Train

Hairbangers Ball
Take Me To The Highway - Single (2018)

Take Me To The Highway

Show Me Some Crazy - Single (2017)

Show Me Some Crazy



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Brian Durbin Spotify Playlist

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